Europa is associated with many good names. This magic word exists for 29 centuries already. At first Europa was a name of a very sexy godess from the Greek mythology. Now, the most developed region is the world is named after it. Europa is also a name of one of the Saturns moons, on which it’s confirmed that there is a liquid, rain and the water beneath the surface, making it the only other planet with liquid asides Earth in our solar system and even greater candidate for finding the possible existence/traces of life than Mars!

On one side you have a mouth with lovely tongue and teeth, on the other side – a pussy. About the functionalities:

❤︎ 6 regimes of the vibration

❤︎ USB charging

❤︎ Has heating function: usually we sell heaters for 10GEL, that are used to heat up the pussy to a normal human temperature before fucking it. You don’t need it on this – it heats up its self when you start the vibration.

❤︎ It moans + you can adjust the moaning sound.

❤︎ It comes with its headphones just in case you don’t want others around to hear the moans.

Shortly – very cool thing!


Everything that is cool and insteresing is named Europa. So, Europa is a name of this mastrubator as well!

Additional information

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