Neutralizer Vol.2


Pushpin See the smaller head? You put that inside. And a part of big head touches your clitoris.
You turn the vibration on with the remote controller and you GET IT simultaneously from inside and outside ❤︎

Pushpin When you’re going somewhere or just lying in bed,
the vibration that you feel from inside and outside will lead you to such a strong orgasm
that you simply won’t be able to resist.
It will simply neutralize you for a few seconds at least.
❤︎ That’s why this product is named a neutralizer!
Feel comfortable and control it with a remote controller from any poze! ❤︎

Check Mark Button Has magnetic USB charging ❤︎

This is a VOL2 because we have a similiar version of this that has a bit better design and comes in the box. That one is a bit more expensive though. This one comes in just a bag. If you don’t care about the box or the minor design difference and you’re rather more focused on the quality insdead, than buying this will save you money ❤︎


Neutralizer Vol.2 is a small vibrator with big capabilities that just neutralizes you ❤︎
PS. Opal bag packing

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Weight N/A
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