mini kebab


We call this a Mini Kebab because we also have a bigger Kebab. This Kebab is 30cm long, 3.5cm in diameter.

Imagine a lesbian couple at a restaurant, holding a kebab in the middle and eating together, Slowly approaching the lips of each other. Not too sexy with that kebab, right?

Now imagine the same couple (maybe you and your girl), You sticking this kebab in from one side, Her – another. You see your partner enjoying the moment of having it in and you admire the moment. Both of you are riding the same dick and slowly speeding it up, you play with each others clitoris and whenever both of you have it in on 15-15cm, that’s when you hit each other with pussies. Every next hit is more pleasant, getting you closer to perfect orgasm that you will soon feel!

To feel this orgasm soon, stop hesitating and get this mini Kebab of ours. We only live once, don’t loose your time!

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Great, super tasty, coolest and multiple-meal kebab only here!

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