Mystery Box


We spent a while looking to buy a couple of Mystery Boxes in Georgia and well, you let us know if you see this somewhere else. So, we are one of the first if not THE first to make and sell those boxes!

This is a box for people who really love surprises and unexpectedness. Mystery Box is better than any other gift in the opioon of the most of us. When you’re ordering this, you don’t really know what you’ll be receiving. You only know this:

  • When buying a Mystery Box, you’re paying less than you’d be paying if you had just bought the items in the store. That being said, you’re not loosing any money.
  • The package may include something that we don’t have listed at our store at all.
  • The picture that you see as a product picture here does not exactly symbolize the package. The boxes look very beautiful and are ideal for gifting, but they always look different from one the other so providing the exact picture or even the sample picture is impossible.
  • It will be better if you leave a comment in a remark section during the checkout and tell us who is the receiver of the box (male, female, married, single, etc.) – the more information we have, the better box we will create.

You really don’t need to know more!


We are probably the first in Georgia who give you an option to buy the beautiful and very cool Mystery Boxes! Well, we’re probably the first who sell mystery boxes here at all.

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