Anonymity is covered for both you and the products you're getting.

Our packages are not transparent, they're not inviting for a foreign eye and you can receive them anywhere. You can see the packs on The packaging page.

What do we need the mail and the phone number for?!
You receive an invoice on your mail.
Sometimes there is a case when people misspell phone numbers. Often times people do one digit more, one digit less, one digit wrong or they're just not reachable.
If this is the case, we're going to reach out to you on your mail and send you the number of the delivery guy so that you can get in touch.
That's for the mail.
We need the phone number for the delivery guy to be able to reach out to you and agree on the specific time and place to hand the package to you.

Nobody is going to spam you, send nudes and etc.
Because we don't care about who is getting what for some fun tonight.

That's all.