We have our own stock, exclusive partnership with some suppliers and our own machinery, which means:

1. We don't "order the products" for you. Some people in Georgia aren't familiar with using Amazon, Ebay or other online stores (language barrier and all...) So there are people who do this for them at an added costs. Surprisingly, sometimes there is a customer (Georgian for the most part) who thinks we do the same. No, we don't. We ship to you from our own warehouse, which is located in Tbilisi.

2. In most cases, production happens based on our order to our suppliers, after which we receive the stock in the warehouse, we check everything and then upload/update the stocks. So we don't order "ready to sell" items from somewhere. Our suppliers make things for us. Some of the items you see are our exclusive. If you don't care about the anonymity or the warranty conditions, this answers why you should buy from us and not, for example, from Aliexpress: We see Aliexpress as a way for Chinese suppliers to sell out the stock that they have produced but failed to realize in bulk. There is always a reason why things don't sell in Bulk and most of the time that is quality. We will never deliver the Aliexpress quality to you. This is why we are strong and we confidently give warranties to our products.

3. We want to be special and develop our own production of different accessories and games. For this reason, we own a few machines and we're slowly increasing the stock of locally produced items that you can see either only at our store, or the platforms/stores that we supply. Our production has a special category on our website and also they're marked with a writing at the bottom which looks like "დამზადებულია საქართველოში" and says "Made in Georgia. Since Georgia is more of a consumer than a producer and the economy is service based, the local production is extra sensitive for us. We dream to grow this sphere and employ more people into producing the items locally. Every purchase of local production that you make helps the purpose!