Privacy Policy

Should you trust us with your card details, email and the phone number? – Yeah.

When you pay for the order with a card, we can’t see your card details. It’s a separate big company of Unipay that runs the transaction. Google them if you want, we’re choosing the flawless for us and our shoppers.

As for your email and number – we don’t give a fuck about any of this. Your email will be used by our automatic mail system to send you automatically generated invoice when you start your order and notify you when the order is complete. Your number will be used by the carrier to contact you for the delivery. If you do not pick up – they’ll write you the SMS that they’re from Kiku. If your number is foreign, it’s likely that they’ll try to reach out to you through Whatsapp, Viber, Imo or something. If you’re not reachable, we’ll write you the email that hey – we can’t contact you because you’re a fucking ghost and hopefully you’ll ever get back to us.

That’s it. If you ever receive an SMS advertisement from Kiku, that’s not because you shopped with us. It could be because we decide that making the SMS advertisement is a good idea and address to the advertising company.

Pretty much that’s it.

Based in Tbilisi - Shipping to whole Georgia!


We use beautiful, blue or brown anonymous packing. Gift packing is also available!



Kiku has own carriers who make sure you have a track of your order and have your shit delivered ASAP.



We have our own stock and exclusive partnerships with some of our suppliers, so get exclusive shit here!

chat 24/7

If admins aren’t sleeping or screwing around somewhere, they’ll get to you in a matter of seconds. If you’re not being answered, leave your email or anything for us to get in touch with you